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Old 2011-11-23, 7:06 PM   #1526
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Sprint, what's gonna happen to ya WEENIS?!

Got in for Friday too, btw.
(Please Note: This is a terrible idea)

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Old 2011-11-23, 7:55 PM   #1527
White Tyger
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Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Just got my notice. I'm getting in on Friday as well.
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Old 2011-11-23, 7:57 PM   #1528
Ack Ack the Law
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Saturday here.
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Old 2011-11-23, 8:00 PM   #1529
Bloody Jack
Fly, Spacebat! Fly!
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Location: High Fivin' the Moon

Friday 10am central time for some reason

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out of my gourd
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Location: Tacoma, WA

Friday 10am CST as well. I won't even be AWAKE that early.

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Old 2011-11-23, 8:11 PM   #1531
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Well I get home at just before midnight on Sunday, maybe I'll be able to play for five minutes.


Aboo boo boo boo.
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Old 2011-11-23, 8:37 PM   #1532
Rogue Modron
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Location: Twenty minutes into the future

Another 10am CST Friday bunny here.

Knight of the Holy Order of No Pants
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Old 2011-11-23, 8:38 PM   #1533
The Original Way Outs
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Location: Ghost Planet

Sprint is the Charlie Brown of SWTOR. I bet he will log in and the servers will crash.

I am in 10am CST Friday.
What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for.
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Old 2011-11-23, 8:44 PM   #1534
Outlaw Star
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It's too bad that I had a spare beta key..but it expired after the 18th before I could give it out.

I'm in for Friday, but I'm workings nights so it looks like I'll be squeezing in a few hours during the day from when I wake up to before I go to work, and until it shuts down monday night.
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Old 2011-11-23, 9:15 PM   #1535
i am an anime
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They ain't lettin' me until Saturday. >:|
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Old 2011-11-23, 9:15 PM   #1536
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Location: Davenport, IA

Friday 10AM
Henchman 21 in TF2
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Old 2011-11-23, 9:37 PM   #1537
build me a star
Doesn't hate you
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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Friday 10 am yayyyy

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Old 2011-11-23, 9:46 PM   #1538
Fights with repulsor rays
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Location: Stark Enterprises

*Does the Friday dance*
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Old 2011-11-23, 9:56 PM   #1539
Slammin' Evil.
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Location: Seattle, WA

Friday at 8AM.
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Old 2011-11-23, 10:38 PM   #1540
Yelling At Clouds
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AKA: Spook

Originally Posted by Sprint View Post
I got in.

Too bad I'm away for the entire test with no access to the Internet.
Sad cancer dick in the snow.
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Old 2011-11-24, 2:01 AM   #1541
Solo Battle!!!
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Old 2011-11-24, 2:41 AM   #1542
The Lazarus
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man, 10am CST, I don't know if I should even wake up early, since I doubt the servers will be withstand the load.
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Old 2011-11-24, 8:33 AM   #1543
Anyone can die m'lord.
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Location: Jacksonville Fl

no laz you shouldn't in fact you should sleep all day that day
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Old 2011-11-24, 8:50 AM   #1544
Fezzes are cool
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Location: The Tardis

Friday for me too, thanks to this thread.
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Old 2011-11-24, 10:16 AM   #1545
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Join Date: Oct 2011

I'm on Friday as well. Anyone interested in partying up?
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Old 2011-11-24, 10:30 AM   #1546
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Location: Burlington, Ontario
AKA: strider


Yeah, I will be at work, but still playing this. Love the job.

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Old 2011-11-24, 10:32 AM   #1547
King of Smashing
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servers go down on fry-day
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Old 2011-11-24, 12:08 PM   #1548
Needs a witty title
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Location: Chicago, IL

Saturday. >
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Old 2011-11-24, 1:09 PM   #1549
will argue with you
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Originally Posted by Bobulus View Post
Saturday. >
'sup saturday bro
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Old 2011-11-24, 9:06 PM   #1550
Sorely missed.
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Location: Austin, TX
AKA: Magnetic Field, Paulus Maximus

I fired up the launcher to see if there was a patch released since my client download on Monday, and sure enough there was; I'm patching now.

I'd recommend patching early so that you can start playing when you're ready to do so.
"We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
and the machine is bleeding to death."
- The Dead Flag Blues, Godspeed You! Black Emperor
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