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Nerd Ard Ri
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A little late, but...

If your dog is feeling sick
Don't think twice, don't be a prick
Heed my words don't get upset-
Take your pet to the vet!


Take your pet to the vet!
Take your pet to the vet!
Act quickly and you won't regret
Just take your pet to the vet!

If your cat is looking ill
Don't hesitate, get her a pill
Don't ask for help on the internet
Take your pet to the vet!

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The Woof is a Lie
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When in doubt?

However vet tech here so... Advice!
Clotted blood, could be bad, as said it can hint at internal bleeding.
However! If the dog is not lethargic or otherwise acting abnormal it is PROBABLY not an emergency, you could have her call an ER vet and ask for over the phone advice before waking up grumpy people.

Diarria+ blood can be a few things
Parvo (Vet NOW if the pup is not up to date on shots and/or those shots are less then a 10 days ago). If puking starts, VET V-E-T, Parvo can KILL in hours.

Hard food change/ate a strange food/ate something like a stick
Monitor, if she has blood every time, again vet, if not just try to get her old food to mix with the new food, or give her pure punkin to firm up the stools. If it REALLY won't go down your vet can give you an ID diet, or you can feed rice+meat (chicken or hamburger is best) and add a tiny bit of plain yogurt (black label, no flavor added, ect)

Oddly enough the poster that said dewormer wasn't wrong, worms bite on to attach to the intestine wall, and irritate the shit out of them, and in a higher load will cause them to have both blood, bloody clot, and diarrhea.
Vet would want to do a fecal float ot find out what types, to deiced if plain old pryrantal (something you can find at some pet stores now) is needed for the common round worm, or if it's something more like tapes, or giardia, that would require albon, or drontol.

So I side with, observe, and make a phone call.
UNLESS there is a change in behavior, or what is coming out (such as, she starts pooping loads of blood, or only blood, ect).

Keep in mind I'm just a vet tech so this is all advice, that should be followed up with a call to a vet, with any doubts you have.
Inbox is always open, for pet related questions. I work as a vet tech for a rescue. I will try to give you a minor over the internet diagnostics for pet issues, but Obligatory *I am not a vet, I can only give advice* Do not use me as a substitute for a real professional, or a face to face consultation. When in doubt, SEE A LICENSED VET
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Andrea Davion
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She and I don't live together anymore, so I can't make her go. She hasn't told me any new news, so I assume she took him. He's up to date on all his shots and everything, though. I know that much.


"If the Canadians hadn't migrated to America, we wouldn't have Chinese food. To thank them you need to dump honey mustard on them. It's the customary greeting."

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