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View Poll Results: Best ending/Jason death scene
Friday the 13th 2 11.76%
Part 2 0 0%
Part 3 0 0%
The Final Chapter 4 23.53%
A New Beginning 0 0%
Jason Lives 1 5.88%
The New Blood 2 11.76%
Jason Takes Manhattan 0 0%
Jason Goes to Hell 3 17.65%
Jason X 7 41.18%
Freddy vs Jason 2 11.76%
Friday the 13th (2009) 0 0%
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Old 2012-04-13, 11:12 AM   #1
Brock Landers
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Scary What is your favorite Jason "death" scene from the Friday the 13th film series?

obviously, unmarked spoilers. As if these films can ever be spoiled.

FRIDAY THE 13TH - Okay, technically Jason doesn't die at the end of this movie. But I'm including it since it's awesome. Mrs. Voorhees gets her head lopped clean off her shoulders.

FRIDAY THE 13TH 2 - Machete to the shoulder. Pretty weak. It's blatantly obvious at the end that Jason is still on tha loose.

FRIDAY THE 13TH IN 3D - Axe to the FACE. This one was pretty cool.

FRIDAY THE 13TH IV THE FINAL CHA-HAHAHAH - Yeah, there's no way this is the final chapter. But it does have a pretty awesome final scene. Tommy Jarvis, a little kid, snaps and hacks Jason like 20 times in the head with a machete.

FRIDAY THE 13TH V - Again, one without Jason. But a high body count! The killer gets thrown off a barn and impaled through a bunch of sharp farm equipment sitting perilously below.

PART VI JASON LIVES - Jason's back, brought to life by electricity and gaining superpowers for the first time. He's felled by being lured into a fiery lake (don't ask) and tied to a boulder, getting a propeller to the face before sinking down to be trapped at the bottom of the lake.

PART VII THE NEW BLOOD - Carrie vs Jason. Just barely lives up to the hype. Ends when she uses her psychic powers to ressurrect her father who drowned in Crystal Lake. He jumps out of the water, and drags Jason back under to chain him to the bottom again.

PART VIII JASON TAKES MANHATTAN - I'm not making that title up. After killing people all through Times Square and various back alleys, Jason ends up in the sewer system where he's drowned/melted in a flood of toxic waste.

JASON GOES TO HELL - well. um. He gets stabbed in the heart with a mystic dagger and goes to hell. Movie delivers.

JASON X - Jason is turned into a cyborg ("Uber Jason") then burns up upon re-entry to earth as he gets thrown through space.

FREDDY VS JASON - Jason gets kind of roughed up, but well. He wins. He stabs Freddy through the chest with his claw arm and does take a machete to the chest and falls back into the lake at the end. But the last shot is him walking out of the lake carrying Freddy's severed head.

FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009) - Another one where Jason really doesn't die. He gets stabbed with his machete in the chest, but the ending has him immediately breaking through the dock to pull the female lead under with him.


Okay I wasted a lot of time writing this, but happy Friday the 13th!!!!
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Packin' Fists
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Came in here to vote for hot chick being beaten by hot chick but then sad-faced. Burning up upon re-entry is still pretty cool but I might have to give it to Tommy hacking the feck out of him.

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Watch out...
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Had to go with Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X. regardless of the quality of the movies, the two death scenes were pretty badass.
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Hack Educator...
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Everything about that comedy is awesome!
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What kind of fuckery
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X. The crew's relief at having made it to the esacpe pod being punctured by Jason awkwardly floating towards them, machete at the ready, through space, only to be tackled by the captain who comes flying from off-camera, is bar-none the best moment in the series.

Police brand.
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