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Team Fortress 2 Why was I banned from the TF2 server?

I played there a few times and it was pretty fun and then a few days ago I tried playing there and it turns out I'm banned. I didn't receive any warnings while playing or kicked then banned it happened while I was already off the sever. If I recall correctly the server has disclaimers all over it saying it's offensive and whatnot so I don't think I got banned for saying anything too naughty.

I'm not especially great at TF2 but I would say I'm above most people due to the sheer amount of hours I've dumped into the game, so I guess it may be possible someone saw some of my skill and thought I was hacking or something....but they didn't have the stones to ban me while I was online....but I assure you I don't cheat in any games and definitely would not do that in my most played game of all time.

If this isn't appropriate for discussion in the public forum I'd appreciate the name of the person in charge of the TF2 server or a PM of what I did to get banned.
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